Hello dive community!

Summer is right around the corner, and with the days getting warmer and longer, late May/early June is an ideal time to do check-out dives. Open Water check-out dives encompass a large portion of the Open Water class; it is the time to put all of the diving knowledge from the books and skills from the pool into practice. During the dives, you will again practice basic skills learned in the pool such as mask flooding, mask removal, regulator removal and recovery, free-flowing regulator, and BCD removal/replacement. You will also have the opportunity to hone more advanced skills such as navigation, buoyancy, and controlled emergency swimming ascent. These are all practical skills that are required to be a confident diver in open water. Not to mention we have a great time at the quarry! For Bottoms Up Scuba, we do the majority of all check-out dives at Hidden Paradise quarry in St. Paul, Indiana. There are a couple of options for completing the four check-out dives required for Open Water: over two weekends or one weekend. For the first option, you can do the dives on either Saturday or Sunday for two consecutive weekends. For the second option, you can do two dives on Saturday and two dives on Sunday to be certified in one weekend. The Saturday dives begin at 5 pm and the Sunday dives begin at 6:30 pm. Get ready to splash!

To schedule your Open Water check-out dives, contact Mike Ellis at 317-417-7323

Happy diving!!

Happy Divers