Hello dive community!

Starting next week, we will be offering Discover Scuba classes every other Wednesday. The classes will be held at Jordan YMCA in Martinsville and will start at 5:45 pm. If you are new to diving and a little unsure of becoming Open Water certified, Discover Scuba is a great place to start. In general, the class lasts about an hour, and in this short amount of time you will have an opportunity to practice a variety of basic diving skills with an instructor present. At the start of class, your instructor will cover scuba equipment and gear assembly. Once geared up and in the pool you will get to take your very first breaths underwater! This can be a surreal experience initially; as a new diver, you aren’t yet accustomed to the strange feeling of breathing underwater. But don’t worry – with time it will become second nature! For your first underwater breaths, the instructor will have you take a moment to breathe slowly and deeply to feel more comfortable with the regulator. Other skills covered during Discover Scuba include inflating/deflating your BCD, clearing water from your regulator, regulator recovery, clearing your mask, swimming with fins, and monitoring your gauges. You will also learn about equalizing air spaces, utilizing your scuba equipment, and hand signals used while diving. Upon completion of this class, your next step is to become a certified Open Water diver!

The first Discover Scuba class is June 15 at Jordan YMCA, Martinsville. The cost for the class is only $20 per person. Contact Mike Ellis at 317-417-7323 to reserve your spot.

Have a great week!