Hello dive community!

In last week’s blog I had mentioned that we will be celebrating the one year anniversary of Bottoms Up Scuba with a cookout. While the plans have changed just a little bit, the cookout is definitely still on! Now not only are we having a cookout, but the evening will also be spent becoming certified Enriched Air and Night divers. If you are intrigued by more adventurous dives such as deep dives and night dives, you may want to consider becoming certified in these specialties. With Enriched Air, you will complete the PADI bookwork and learn how to analyze a nitrox blend (the percentage of oxygen in your cylinder). Not only does enriched air increase the amount of bottom time, it decreases dangerous nitrogen buildup. For Night Diver certification, we will complete two dives. This is a certification that can be put to great use during ocean dives to explore the vastly different nighttime underwater world. For our cookout/specialty courses, we will be at Hidden Paradise quarry on July 9th. We’ll go over the bookwork for Enriched Air first, eat some delicious food, and then splash in the quarry around dusk for the night dives. The cost for both courses on this day is $300, however you don’t have to do both classes to participate. If you would prefer to relax and enjoy the cookout instead of diving, you are welcome to join us! As of right now we are starting the fun at 5 pm, but I will be sure to post an update if the time changes. To ensure that we have enough tanks for everyone, please call or text Mike Ellis at 317-417-7323 to let us know if you’ll be diving.

Have a great week!

Happy Scuba