Hello dive community!

As many of you may already know, Bottoms Up Scuba Indy is a certified dealer of Cressi gear. If you’ve never heard of Cressi, it’s time you did! It is a high-quality brand of scuba/snorkeling/spearfishing gear made primarily in Italy and tested in the water for performance. The most challenging part of selecting dive gear is taking into consideration important factors such as fit, comfort, performance, and personal preference. To make the process a little simpler, we have selected some favorites out of the Cressi products that are top-notch for performance and comfort, as well as highly versatile.

For BCDs, our pick is the Aquaride. We love the weight-integrated pockets, comfort, and overall ease of use.


If you are a beginning diver you may not be thinking about purchasing your own regulator just yet, but for frequent divers it may be more practical than renting. Our pick for regulators would definitely be the Master T10 SC; with a light-weight design it allows for greater ease of breathing and maintenance. Also, it is environmentally sealed to prevent icing in cold water and contamination from particulates in the water.


Fins that fit comfortably without worry of slipping off is a must-have for any diver. Cressi offers several styles but our overall favorite is the Reaction EBS. This fin features an elastic bungee system designed to fit comfortably and securely, while also being very easy to put on. The fin blade delivers a powerful kick with very little effort from the diver. Overall, an ideal fin for a diver of any level of experience.


Because the Cressi Crystal Clear Silicone Evolution masks are all incredible, we couldn’t decide on just one type. These masks feature crystal silicone technology that greatly enhances mask clarity and allows for perfectly clear vision underwater. Of these, you can choose from the Big Eyes Evolution, Eyes Evolution, Nano, and Air.


If you are interested in purchasing Cressi gear, please contact Mike Ellis at 317-417-7323. We have a full catalog available with more information on the gear as well as prices/packages.

Have a great week!