Hello dive community!

The blog is back! After a short hiatus I thought I would update everyone on what’s new with Bottoms Up Scuba lately. We finished up another Advanced Open Water class yesterday at Gilboa Quarry in Ohio. Overall, it was a great trip with 14 divers doing Deep, Wreck, and Search and Recovery dives. For those who are interested in becoming Advanced Open Water certified, it’s still not too late for this summer. We’ll be doing one last Advanced class for the season starting August 21st at Hidden Paradise and Gilboa Quarry. Also, we’ve ditched our old, small air compressor for a much nicer, newer air compressor. What this means for you is that Bottoms Up is now an air-fill station for your tanks! The price for fills will be $5 per tank and it only takes roughly 5 minutes to fill each tank. While the majority of divers do not own their own scuba cylinders, it’s very convenient for those who do to fill their own tanks for a dive trip. Our pool and air fill station is located on the southside of Indy in Bargersville. For any questions about air fills or upcoming classes, contact Mike Ellis at 317-417-7323.

Have a great week!