Emergency First Response

Learn how to face emergencies

CPR and First Aid

Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care

First aid and CPR are skills that anyone involved in adventure sports must be familiar with in case of emergencies. These skills are necessary for the PADI Rescue Diver course. Emergency First Response (EFR) is affiliated with PADI, and it specializes in teaching these lifesaving skills for professional-level ratings. This training focuses on building confidence and promoting the willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency. Majority of PADI instructors are also Emergency First Response Instructors.


The Fun Part

Emergencies are usually met with negativity but by means of the Emergency First Response training, you can get to learn the necessary medical emergency response skills in an upbeat and positive environment. Taking this training will prepare you for the actual situation. With the knowledge you’ll gain from EFR you can face any emergency situation calmly and with confidence.


What You’ll Learn

In the EFR Primary and Secondary Courses


-Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR and Rescue Breathing at the layperson level

-The use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) (optional)

-Shock care and prevention

-Spinal injury management

-Disease transmission risk reduction by means of barriers

-Basic first aid and first aid kit considerations


The Learning Materials

In order to build the necessary foundation you will need not only the instructor’s guide, but also some self studying to further grasp the important points.


-The Primary and Secondary Care Manual and DVD video

Preview emergency scenarios and provide step-by-step skill demonstrations. These are for you to conduct a self study in preparation for your every training session and as a reviewer in case you want to check back on something.


-The Emergency First Response Care

Printed on a Glance card will serve as a quick reference guide for emergency situations. It is designed to fit in small compartments.



There are no requirements to qualify for the enrollment of Emergency First Response courses other than having a genuine care for other people and the desire to assist in medical emergencies.


The Cost

We offer the Emergency First Response Course several times during the year. Check our class calendar for the schedule of the next class. Your class fee includes the training materials and costs $75.