Scuba Team

Complete AquaMissions and become a member.

Scuba Team

Complete Missions and become a Scuba Team Member!

Scuba Team is for young scuba divers who want to experience an action-packed fun in a pool by doing exciting lessons and games. Experience diving with flashlights, taking underwater digital pictures, floating effortlessly, and other cool stuff! With a great line up of fun-filled activities, there is never a dull moment for the PADI Seal Team! Children must be at least eight years old to participate.

Scuba Team Program

The program includes the Scuba Team Crew pack. The Crewpak has everything your child needs to prepare for lessons and games.

Part One

The lessons one through five, teaching the basics of breathing such as underwater breathing, clearing masks, swimming with gear, and other essential skills.

After completing the first five missions, students will become official Scuba Team members!

Part Two

Part two of the course is all about specialty lessons. Children learn about creature identification, search and recovery, skin diving, underwater photography, and many more!

Complete the additional ten specialty missions, and your child will be an official  MASTER Scuba Team member.

What's next?

You have completed all your missions and are officially a Seal Team member. Your next mission, should you choose, it to become a certified Open Water Diver.