Technical Diving

When one tank is not enough.

Technical Diving

We offer you the technical diving packages you need. TDI is one the top training agencies in the training industry, and our classes are offered through them. Our training classes are offered in a wide variety. Discover Tec and other amazing courses are offered in both new side mount, and traditional back mounted doubles. If you are unsure which class to join then our Discover Tec classes will allow you to try out both methods to see which method best fits you. If you are looking to extend your exploration and go down to wreckage sites and the reefs you loved as a recreational diver then we can help you make that switch to technical diving.

Just a note: Technical diving has more risks but statistically trained and equipped technical divers are as safe as the average recreational diver. Enrolling in our technical diving courses doesn’t mean automatic certification. Your hard work and positive attitude towards the course will result in your success.

What's next?

Well, well…are you a smarty pants? Now that you’ve mastered technical diving you are well on your way to Master Scuba Diver or Dive Master. Do what you love and make money in the process by going pro.